Backlash on Palestinian Advocacy 10/4/15

On Sunday, October 4th, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of Minnesota received hundreds of hateful and threatening messages from Zionists across the US in result of the Israeli advocacy group on campus accusing SJP of supporting terrorism.

SJP had initially posted about a Palestinian named Fadi Aloon who was shot to death by Israeli police while heading home from work. His body was then kicked around as Israeli settlers deathchant against Arabs. There are claims that before Fadi was killed, he had stabbed a 15 year old named Moshe Malka. Whether or not Fadi had been the one to stab Moshe is still contested. If Israel claims to be a democratic state, and Fadi Haloon had truly stabbed Moshe Malka, he should’ve been brought to trial under judicial law. If he had served as an immediate threat to those around him, the Israeli police could’ve easily arrested him or subdue him in a way that doesn’t take a life. Being judicially punished under the law is a basic human right that second class citizens like Palestinians do not have.

SJP does not support violence against civilians. SJP did not, and will not, glorify or celebrate the stabbing of the 4 Israelis last week. Instead, we call on people to look at what is happening in the overall scheme of things. Why are Palestinians retaliating? This is the result of years of oppression and aggression at the hands of Israel. Has Israel forgotten that they established themselves on another people’s homeland? Have they forgotten about the 700,000+ people that they displaced and turned into refugees? Do they choose to ignore the settlements, the demolitions, the nightly raids, the checkpoints, and the Apartheid wall? Did they forget about the 2000+ people they killed in Gaza two summers ago? And the 1000+ they killed 6 years ago? Should we continue and list the 60 international laws that Israel has broken?

The backlash that Palestinian advocates endure on a daily basis on campuses across the nation is a continuous reminder of the silencing of the Palestinian narrative. There is continuous acts trying to undermine SJP’s work on college campuses and silence Palestinian advocates by threatening their lives. We will continue to promote our story. We will continue to show what the media does not. And surely, we will continue to spread the truth.

Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Minnesota



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