Vigil 10/16/15 Recap

Last Thursday evening, October 16th, we had a vigil  for the Palestinian lives lost in the recent attacks. It was open to the public, held in front of Coffman Memorial Union at the UMN. As of October 15th, 32 Palestinians are dead because of settler violence or excessive use of force in military responses to Palestinian demonstrations. Since October 1st, 1,300 Palestinians have been injured because of clashes, in addition to the extra judicial killings of alleged Palestinians and the collective punishment of their families in which Israel demolished the homes of killed attackers.

On this day, we also commemorated those killed during Operation Protective Edge last summer. Israeli land, sea and air forces sustained a massive assault on Gaza, bombing  for 51 days until, eventually, more than 2,000 Palestinians had been killed and much of Gaza reduced to rubble. More than 500 killed were children, and around 1,500 were civilians (numbers differ according to different sources). Mosques, hospitals, schools, UN facilities, even whole neighborhoods were destroyed in the onslaught. We remembered these victims, both those with us today and those not, in this vigil as well.

We wish an end to the violence, and we know that the only path to peace is with ending Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Pics from the Vigil (Huge Shout-out to all our speakers, thank you for doing what you do.)

Vigil 2


Vigil 1

Vigil 3

Vigil 4

In Solidarity,

Students for Justice in Palestine



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