Palestine Awareness Week 2015 Recap

We hosted our annual fall headliner event, Palestine Awareness Week, this year from Monday 11/9 to Friday 11/13.

PAW 2015

Our flyer for the week, with all events listed. S/o to all our co-sponsors and collaborators, you are 10/10.

We started off the week with a Mock Refugee exhibit, showing how refugees live with artifacts and interactive visual displays. We distributed information about the UNCHR and the UNRWA, and there are videos posted here on their Youtube channel if you would like to learn more about what they do.

Then we hosted a speaker event where we had the honor of listening to two grad students here at the U from Palestine come and talk about the hardships of life in Palestine. Nour Nabris is from East Jerusalem, and Iman Ahmed from Gaza, they both had insightful stories and experiences to share with us. Thank you for coming you two!

We had a panel exploring both the Black Lives Matter cause and the Palestinian cause, and how there are points of intersection between the two, and we delved into what solidarity means between more than one cause. Thanks to our guest speakers, you three women are pioneers!

We had an artistic expression event Thursday for people to come up and learn about the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and the US/Mexico Border wall, then to draw what they took away from the issue on our makeshift wall next to La Raza (S/o again to you guys, awesome working with you this semester, your room is phenomenal and so are your people).

Friday we ended the week with a poetry and spoken word night, where we hosted local performers to come and perform in solidarity with Palestine.

This was our most successful PAW so far, and we are immensely grateful and excited about all the connections we made and the people we met. Thank you to all who came or supported, you helped us make this week what it was.

Here is a compilation video of our week, please enjoy our faces as well as the faces of others.

(This video includes campus solidarity events that we attended, one of which was the Black Student Union’s protest in Solidarity with Mizzou, which our next post will be in more detail about.)


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