UMN Divest is back

UMN Divest is back.

After having our divestment resolution struck off the agenda during forum in MSA, we have decided that we will once again bring back the resolution to student government. UMN Divest is up and running again, ready to continue the struggle for human rights.

We will be presenting our resolution once again to the student government on April 12th, 4-6pm in MCB 3-120. As before, we need you to come out and support.

Student government is a place for student voices. When President Kaler condemned our resolution, before the MSA even had a chance to discuss and vote, he was interfering in a discussion by and for the students. When the State Legislature demanded Kaler take a stand against divestment, they were doing the same. The interference by President Kaler undermined our student government. For this reason, we want to bring back our resolution in Forum. To reaffirm that student government is for the students and that is where their voices get heard. We are continuing with our campaign, alongside all our supporters and fellow students, to push for the discussion and vote on divestment to take place.

We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support us and extended help during these past few weeks as we were preparing to bring Divestment back! The support has been magnificent and has proven beyond a doubt that we could not have done this alone. We need each and every student in every one of the 35 groups we have officially sponsoring our resolution. Our voices matter together.

Here is a letter written by MN Break the Bonds addressing University administration and the Minnesota State Legislature regarding their recent involvement in our divestment campaign. The letter from the MN Legislators pressuring President Kaler into publicly denouncing our resolution can be found here. This is the letter written by Jewish Voice for Peace in support of UMN Divest, and this is a letter they wrote detailing their response to campus anti-BDS bills. And finally, here is the statement from the Black Student Union at our university regarding the silencing of the divestment resolution by Kaler and forum. We thank all our allies and stand by you in solidarity.

We are continuing our work by diving into UMN Divest Week (April 4th – 8th). This special edition of our annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) aims to educate and raise awareness about the Israeli occupation of Palestine while highlighting the importance of student-led campaigns in the fight for justice.

With that, we head into round two of Divestment. We are back and we will not be silenced. Our voices deserve to be heard, and no legislative body, state or otherwise, can take that from us. We are here to speak for truth and justice, and we will not accept silence as an answer.

In solidarity,
Students for Justice in Palestine – UMN


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