Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protecting their land against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. This pipeline runs through sacred burial ground of the Sioux people while also running the risk of bursting and contaminating their water. The Native people have a right not only to the land but to safe, clean drinking water. This country has a long history of environmental racism–of ignoring the needs of communities of color in favor of corporate interests. We must stand against this.

In the United States, we have long been complicit in the continued oppression of the Native American people; it is time to stand with them. We support their efforts to resist settler oppression and call on everyone to take action. Tuesday was a National Day of Action, and we encourage all to keep up the effort: write to your representatives, spread the word, follow the hashtag #NoDAPL and amplify voices that this government has tried to silence since before the United States even existed.

The rights of indigenous peoples are infringed upon all across the world–whether it is a pipeline here, apartheid in Palestine, or the destruction of land in Brazil–and here, we have a chance as citizens a part of a larger system that oppresses the indigenous people of North America to take a stand against a harmful pipeline. Get educated by listening to the voices of the people protecting the land right now. Our liberations are tied to each other’s. This is about land, dignity, and the rights of the Native people to their sacred burial ground and to safe, clean water.

To the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, we stand in solidarity with you.

Ways that you can get involved:

  1. Learn more here.
  2. Sign this petition.
  3. Donate here.
  4. Call the North Dakota Governor and convey your thoughts in a professional manner.
  5. Support the Sacred Stone Camp.
  6. Spread the word!



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